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Customer Comments:

Here are a few reviews of my plumbing services.  They can all be verified, for they are on other internet classified sites.  Are all my customers this happy with me?  Probably not... no one hits a home run every time!  I do try my best, and if it doesn't work out, I want to discuss it with the customer.

Plumbing Review Highlights:

I'm very satisfied with his work, and will call him again in the future.”, “We are still in shock that this kind of service exists.”, “Peter's work, attitude and friendliness were excellent.”, “he is in a class by himself”, “I would recommend his services to everyone.”, “Peter asked me for nothing in return.”, “Always fair priced”, “Very responsive and came out on time”, “He is knowledgeable, honest, and very thorough.”, “Plumber of choice for my house”, “He went the extra mile”, “We are very pleased with Peter's work.”, “...reasonable cost to complete the work”, “I didn't feel pressured to do anything additional”, “Peter was prompt & thorough.”, “...appreciated Peter's willingness to help me out on such short notice.”,Peter was very honest, knowledgeable and I would definitely use him again.”, “...he was able to come out the same day...”, “...did a very professional job.”, “ He has always been prompt, clean and courteous.”, I truly respect his professionalism and his personal kind attention to all detail.”,...he answered immediately, on Thanksgiving.”, “Peter Felber was trustworthy, very reasonably priced, personable and really thorough.”, “The outcome was by far a better result than I had hoped for.”, ...he will definitely get all my future business!”, Highly recommended.”, He is a quality plumber with fair prices.”, “...charged me less than he quoted.”, Peter is a godsend at this time in my life.”,I'm very happy with the results.”, He went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied with his work.”, “He even finished the job within the time frame that was given to me.”, “He is good.”, “...very prompt and fixed all my plumbing problems superbly and efficiently.”

Full Plumbing Review Quotes:

Bob D., San Diego, January 2013:  Peter re-seated toilet to fix leak... faulty due to improper installation by original contractor.  Also replaced damaged flap valve and caulked around toilet. Peter was very professional and courteous both during scheduling and the work itself. Called on the day of the work to keep me informed when he would arrive... a nice touch. He gave up front estimate of cost and explained all the possibilities before he started work. Showed me work as they progressed and explained the fixes before going ahead, no effort to oversell anything, and asked if I was OK with everything.  Very careful during work to minimize damage and mess and cleaned up completely. Overall, I'm very satisfied with his work, and will call him again in the future.

Shawna S., La Mesa, December 2012:  Today is the day after Christmas, so of course our shower won’t stop leaking.  I called another plumber who quoted me a base charge of $175 and would not be over until the next day.  I called Peter to see if I could get a better deal.  He arrived in a few hours, fixed the problem, and showed my husband how to fix it should it continue to leak later.  He said it may be only a temporary fix, and did not charge us. It's a very old faucet, and we are planning a remodel.  We are still in shock that this kind of service exists.  We of course gave him a tip for his time and our gratitude.  I am calling Peter from now on for ANY plumbing problems, and I will be referring him to everyone I know that needs a plumber.

Richard S., Santee, September 2012:   We selected Peter based upon research, this site and others. He was quite cordial when we spoke on the phone. In person, he was quite the same, pleasant and friendly.  In turned out there was considerable standing water beneath our home.  Despite this rather significant inconvenience, Peter went right to work.  During the course of the repair, he had to make a few trips to his vehicle.  He was very careful not to track the mud from the work space into the house.  He completed his work and checked for any other leaks in a timely manner. Peter's work, attitude and friendliness were excellent.  And the price was fair.  A short time later, we received a card thanking us for the work, and offering to answer any DIY plumbing questions I might have in the future, a nice thing to do.

Bill C., La Mesa, June 2012:   I had water leaking from my washer and dryer alcove.  Peter diagnosed the problems, and fixed everything.  He also provided advice and made a small adjustment regarding a running toilet. Peter provided flawless service.  He was sociable and quite articulate.  He asked permission before each step.  In my experience he is in a class by himself, an intelligent, thinking man's plumber.

Fran P., San Diego, August 2012

Peter has helped me with plumbing issues for several years. He is reliable, efficient and honest. He recently was able to attend to a problem the same day that I called him. I'm very satisfied, I would recommend his services to everyone.

Pat B., San Diego, July 2012

Peter Felber is a blessing.  I called him after a  company snaked my drains and wanted me to sign up for $8200 worth of pipe replacement.  Peter gave me excellent advice and recommendations twice. He saved me thousands.  Peter asked me for nothing in return.  I am thankful to Peter Felber.

R., La Mesa, June 2012 (Recent customer, very satisfied, would recommend)

Peter always goes above and beyond. He is prompt in his service delivery, skilled at his craft and always fair priced. He has been to our house several times for separate issues and each time has surpassed my expectations of the fix and time taken. We have had other plumbers out who have failed to identify issues that Peter has found and taken care of. His follow up service is also fantastic, calling and checking that everything is working ok. I would highly recommend Peter and his services, he is reliable, efficient and pleasant to be around! Thanks again for all your help Peter!

From G.E., La Jolla, June 2012

Our water pressure regulator was broken when we moved to our new home and after a year we decided it was time to tackle this problem. Peter is such a nice person. He was very responsive and came out on time to replace our water pressure regulator. It was in an inaccessible spot but he made it work. All in all it took him all afternoon to replace it -- He was pleasant to work with and he said there might be cheaper people but we felt he did a good job and it was well worth having him.

From R. G., Del Cerro, June 2012

Peter addressed several leaks, and a pressure regulator problem.  He handled everything in a very professional manner.  

He is knowledgeable, honest, and very thorough.  I would not hesitate to recommend him. The work was done promptly and efficiently.

Peter V., San Diego, May 2012

Peter Felber found a leak in a gas line that SDG&E could not find. Even a heating company did not find nor fix the issue. Peter Felber was fast, thorough, and worth it. There have been no issues with the gas line or heater since. He is punctual and clean. He continues to be the plumber of choice for my house and the rentals I deal with.

Chuck D., La Mesa, May 2012

Needed Peter’s amazing help once again, a monster project with a blown out H2O heater! Sorry for taking up your whole day, your patience & understanding is incredible! Thanks again Peter, you are truly a noble gentleman!

Suzy W., El Cajon, Jan 2012

Excellent service at a reasonable price ~ thank you!!!!

Bob R., San Diego, November 2011

Peter responded on short notice to repair a kitchen sink drain leak. At the same time he assisted me with stopping a leak on a refrigerator supply line that I was working on. He went the extra mile and addressed problems with my old toilet and shower cartridge and made recommendations to fix those items. He did a great job replacing the sink drain lines and was very knowledgable about his trade. I highly recommend Peter for your plumbing needs.

Paul K., San Diego, June 2011:

Peter changed out two of the faucets in our bathroom. Everything went just fine. Peter was very polite and professional. He was very patient and answered all of our questions. After the work was finished, everything was cleaned up nicely. He even finished the job within the time frame that was given to me.  I would use this company again.

Richard A., South Park, June 2011:

Peter Felber Plumbing Service came to do work on my garbage disposal. He is good. He showed up when he said he was going to and he did what he said he was going to. 

P.M., Kensington, June, 2011:

In June, I contacted Peter Felber at the recommendation of a friend.  I had a plumbing leak, among other things, that needed to be taken care of.  Peter got right back to me for an appointment, was very prompt and fixed all my plumbing problems superbly and efficiently.  Peter was polite and cleaned up after the job was done.  I would definitely call him again for my plumbing needs.  I put his name and contact information immediately into my "Plumbing Repair" file.

Don J., El Cajon, May, 2011:

Peter arrived promptly and checked our leaking kitchen faucet and informed us we should get a new one, as we expected. He recommended a reliable brand for the sake of future repairs and durability and asked if there was anything else we needed, and I remembered a leaking hose bib, which he then replaced carefully. He cleaned out our drier vent and checked the status of our water heater, which we had just replaced and was fine. When we went to chose a new faucet, we communicated with Peter by phone from the store and then he came after the weekend and installed it. We are very pleased with Peter's work.

Jim C., Bay Park, May, 2011

Peter was recommended to me by a long time friend.  Peter returned my initial call in a matter of minutes and kept his appointment on time.  He installed a sink faucet for me in our recently remodeled kitchen.  He performed the work quickly and was careful to not scratch any of the newly installed finishes.  I appreciated his careful and efficient approach which was also reflected in the reasonable cost to complete the work.  I will call upon him in the future and leave this recommendation as my thanks for a job well done.

Jane F., San Diego, April, 2011:

Peter repaired a leaking garbage disposer and running toilet and replaced the toilet handle.  He noted that a water line under the sink had not been properly installed and would cause stoppages so I asked him to fix that.   While he was there, he pointed out a couple of other small issues that he could fix while he was there, some of which I had him take care of.  I didn't feel pressured to do anything additional - I was glad he pointed them out.  I was very satisfied with the service.  He was easy to reach, punctual and very professional.  I would definitely call him for future work.

D.R., La Mesa, April 2011:

Removed a water heater installed on a platform 5 feet high & rework all piping & plumbing to get new water heater up to code & functioning properly. Peter was prompt & thorough. He broke the job down into three sections and explained everything to our complete satisfaction. He took no shortcuts. We were so comfortable with him that we gave him a key and since we were not there when he finished, he had to make another trip just to deliver the key back to us. What a pleasure it was to work with Peter & his helper. The job was done correctly & professionally. Peter is a keeper!

Kim F., Spring Valley, March, 2011:

I Called Peter to replace the hot and cold water shut-off valves in the closet for my stack wash/dryer.  He arrived promptly at the appointed time, as usual.  The valves were replaced with special attention to maintaining access for the dryer exhaust which had been partially obstructed by a previous plumber.  Work completed with his usual expertise and attention to detail, with offering helpful tips along the way.  Very satisfied.  I called Peter the next morning and asked if he would consider installing the unit.  Thankfully he agreed and arrived at my home a couple of hours late.  After all necessary hoses connected and power supply cord installed, they went about placing the unit in the small closet in my kitchen.  Fit was extremely tight which made the process a very arduous task, but Peter and his helper persevered until the job was done.  Very much appreciated Peter's willingness to help me out on such short notice.  Peter's professionalism and expertise can't be beat.

DeWayne C., Chula Vista, Jan. 2011:

My parents needed their shower unclogged. My father called another plumber and they claimed that they needed to completely redo the entire bathroom. Their estimate was $5-7K. We called to get a second estimate from Peter and when he came out it turned out that he couldn’t fix the problem but referred us to a company that could. That company fixed the problem and the total cost was only $95. Peter was very honest, knowledgeable and I would definitely use him again.

Doug T., La Mesa, Jan. 2011

The hot water valve for my washing machine had a steady leak. After several attempts to fix it myself I couldn't get one of the valves off. I searched AL and found and chose Peter based off previous reviews and his proximity to me. Good experience. The best part was he was able to come out the same day and just outside of his normal operating hours, that was definitely appreciated. The work was also done quickly. Also, outside of what I'd called for his service for, Peter helped to diagnose an issue I was having with my automatic sprinklers; even though those weren't his area of expertise, he still provided a good deal of insight as to what might be causing the leak I was having out there which will help me save time when I do find a landscaper to help with that situation.

N.B., Mira Mesa, Feb., 2011 and June 2010:

Peter fixed a shower faucet that had been giving my tenant problems for a long time. I had another plumber fix it but he didn't do it right. Peter fixed it. Tenant and I are both happy. At another rental, he installed a new water heater. Did a very professional job.

W.M., San Diego, March 2010:

Peter has done several jobs for us. I'm not sure what the total cost was over the all these jobs. The largest was the plumbing portion of a bathroom remodel. The others included kitchen faucet replacement, toilet replacement and pressure regulator installation.  Peter does excellent work. He has always been prompt, clean and courteous. I think he is completely trustworthy

V.M., El Cajon, May, 2011:

Peter has been my Plumber for many many years - and I would never consider having anyone but Peter assist me with my Plumbing needs. 

I live in a house almost 100 years old, and he has taken such special care of all my Restoration projects and this is so important to me. I truly respect his professionalism and his personal kind attention to all detail. Peter has even written me thank-you notes - now that is really wonderful.

S.J., La Mesa, Nov. 2010:

My tenant called Thanksgiving morning.  Both bathrooms were slow draining, and there was a leak on the floor. I was out of town and called my usual plumber who was closed the entire holiday weekend. I then picked Peter from other reports and proximity. Although his profile says no emergency service, he answered immediately, on Thanksgiving. I was able to tell my tenant that someone would be there the next day. Peter and his apprentice worked on the multiple issues, climbing under the house and snaking the drains. Peter called me later to give me an update. He was fantastic and he did not price gouge, even give my panic.

A.G., College Area, Nov. 2010:

This plumber is outstanding. He is old school in the best sense: very honest, very scrupulous, really knows his stuff, and when a problem comes up that's outside his area of expertise, he tells you that immediately and refers you to another company that does good reliable work. Peter Felber was trustworthy, very reasonably priced, personable and really thorough. He explained all the options in terms of fixing the problem, and didn't try to push us into a particular solution. He answered all my questions and got the work done in a tidy and timely manner. He was very polite and honest. I would highly recommend him to anyone and will call him again for any plumbing problems I have. When he recommended another company because I had one job that was too large for him to handle, he then checked back with me later to find out if this other company he'd suggested had done a good job or not! Very impressive and ethical.

M.W., Oak Park, Nov. 2010:

I was very happy with his service. He repaired a broken drain pipe in a 60 year old kitchen.  I thought Peter would need to break out the wall to replace, but his years of knowledge prevented that. The outcome was by far a better result than I had hoped for.  Peter, I'll be gald to speak to anyone about your service!

H.H., Downtown, Oct. 2010:

Could not be more pleased with the service... he will definitely get all my future business!  We discovered a problem with our guest shower 4 days before family arrived. Mr Felber came the next day, ordered the parts and had it fixed with time to spare. He bent over backward to make sure we were taken care of.

T.T., Morena, August 2010:

.... I deeply appreciated Mr. Felber's clean, efficient work and his matter-of-fact approach. While not inexpensive, the price for his services was well within the realm of reality. I asked him if this might be a memorable visit for him, and he chuckled.

"Top ten, certainly," he replied. Then dropped off his bill, packed his truck and drove away. I'd definitely work with Mr. Felber again. He is an old-school professional, absolutely low-key, careful with his work and, as it turns out, a flexible, can-do sort of person.  Highly recommended.

S.S., Fashion Valley, October 2010:

Peter was able to come examine the problem the same day I called. Our toilet problem was caused by some "repairs" my HOA did to the overall housing water system. When I reported the noise to them, they told me I would have to find a plumber and deal with it myself. Peter explained his repair would last a while, but unless my HOA adjusted their "repair," the sound would eventually return. He put his report in writing and offered to speak with my HOA for me. I really appreciated that. He is a quality plumber with fair prices. I will use him again.

D.B., El Cajon, July 2010:

What a pleasant experience. He did a very good job, fixed the line on my hot water heater and charged me less than he quoted. Mr. Felber was professional, punctual, and fairly priced. I will use him again.

S.T., La Mesa, September, 2010:

This is about the third time I have used Peter, and all have been satisfactory. It is a pleasure to find someone who communicates well, does the work well, is reliable, pleasant, professional and on-time. I recently lost my husband after a two-year illness. He used to take care of these things and things have basically fallen apart in the last few years. So far Peter has replaced a toilet, fixed several leaks, discovered the source of an evil smell in my laundry room. Alas, this is an old house, my late husband was not a perfectionist, and Peter is a godsend at this time in my life.

M.S., La Mesa, Nov., 2009:

2 days before Thanksgiving my tenant called to report the kitchen sink drain pipe was leaking. I called Peter, he came out the next day, cleared the clog, replaced worn out sink parts and discovered two pipe leaks under the house.  We arranged for him to come out the next week to repair/replace the leaking pipes as needed.  He was personable and professional, arrived on time, worked with my tenant directly to arrange a good work time for both of them. I'm very happy with the results.

M.M., Lemon Grove, Jan. 2009:

He is a professional who treats customers with respect.  I will use him again. The first plumber I had hired replaced faucets and shower valve with after market fixtures that did not fit properly, and did not know how to make the old shower valve work with the new valve. Peter was punctual, had everything he needed with him, fixed the shower in only a moment and then did repairs on my water heater. In addition he called me later with information on how to replace the after market fixtures with the proper faucet handles. He went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied with his work.

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